Expanding POP team

The POP team is very pleased to welcome Adele Mason-Bertrand to the project as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. She has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Sheffield and has been working as a qualitative researcher at the Royal College of Music.

Adele brings with her an amazing body of knowledge and skills – social research and qualitative methods training, interests in cosplay, sewing skills and experience running arts and cultural public engagement activities. All will be highly valued and utilised on the project. Read more about Adele here.

Adele’s post brings the team to 5 members. Everyone’s interdisciplinary backgrounds and experiences make an ideal foundation for the next phase of the project. We are focusing now on combining WP2 – Mapping across theme (qualitative deep dives into the archival data) with WP3 – Mapping across bodies (reconstruction of 50 garments).

The team have recently moved back into the POPLab on campus, and are thoroughly enjoying doing offline work together. This is also the first time we have physically met each other. Ellen started with POP in February and all work was remote until now. The remote online work has been very productive, but we are appreciating the shift into the physical and material practice research.