Inventor Interviews II

A map of the world with a black and white grid background featuring multicoloured POP logos dotted over different countries.

We have completed 35 interviews to date with clothing inventors, hackers, makers and menders around the world.

This map shows the breadth of coverage so far.

We’ve been speaking with new and established clothing inventors, hackers, makers and menders

Our interviews continue to feature a vast range of clothing specialisms, way beyond the binary norms of menswear and womenswear and feature a variety of inventions; from anti-surveillance coats to disability inclusive workwear; and from indigenous inspired footwear to anti-harassment cycle wear.

Contributions come from artists and architects, footwear and accessories designers, workwear and technical professionals, children’s, streetwear and activewear designers, industrial and product creatives, prosthetics experts, adaptive and humanwear designers, make-up artists, and more.

These interviews cover a vast range of specialisms beyond the binary norms of menswear and womenswear

There are some definite advantages of doing everything online. Although we would have loved to have visited everyone, we have been able to visit far more countries than what would have been physically possible. Though, we have fingers crossed that we will be able to see their inventions in real life and meet some of them in person when it’s safe one day!

The POP Interview Network is growing by the week and we are speaking with different people from all over the globe, inventors from 22 to 76 years old. We’re looking forward to following the successes of our interviewees.

Below are some examples of the people we have talked to since our last post: