POP + The Adventure Syndicate

POP is very excited to be collaborating with The Adventure Syndicate to make a film about historic women’s activewear from the patent archives.

We’ve been running, jumping, climbing, swimming, hiking, cycling, flying, horse-riding, kicking, catching, throwing, leaping and otherwise putting these amazing costumes through their paces in the Scottish hills in all the weathers.

POPs team of sewing social scientists been working hard over a super summer of sewing and to make a collection of surprising clothing inventions from the archives that are multiple, convertible, combinable and hidden.

Our collection spans a fifty year period, from 1890s to 1940s. These inventions cleverly enabled wearers to resist, subvert or challenge social norms and carve out different ways of being in the world while doing ALL the sports they wanted.

Putting the amazing women from The Adventure Syndicate into these custom made pieces and having some adventures.

 Adventure Syndicate are a not-for-profit organisation who use the inspiring stories of women adventuring by bike to encourage our audience to push their perceived limitations. We do this not by showing ourselves to be all knowing, powerful and impressive but by being open and honest about our own limitations, vulnerabilities, and failures too.


We’ll be sharing more of the activities and happenings here and on social media until the film comes out early 2023.

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