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I was recently invited onto the Garmology podcast hosted by Nick Johannessen. I talked about about the history of patented clothing inventions, creative lesser-known inventors and speculative sewing practices.

I referenced not only the POP project but also research undertaken in the Bikes & Bloomers research.

It was a wide-ranging chat and is part of a series with talented textile makers, tailors, authors and small businesses committed to high quality in-depth material practices – such as Guy Hills from Dashing Tweeds, Sofi Thanhauser author of Worn: A people’s history of clothes and Patrick Grant from the Great British Sewing Bee.

The podcast is available here.

More about the series:

Garmology is a podcast about “clothes, and stuff”, menswear, fashion, ethical and sustainably made, old and new, from a perspective of making, buying, wearing, collecting, evaluating and appreciating. With regular co-hosts and interesting guests, the aim is to provide a view of what we might wear and what we should wear, if we knew more about it.

And my part:

This week’s guest is Dr Kat Jungnickel, sociologist (from Goldsmiths, University of London), cyclist, tweed enthusiast and keen investigator of historical clothing patents. We talk about how the popularity of ‘safety’ bicycles in Britain in the 1890s became a catalyst for the women’s rights movement and led to sartorial inventions and patents for new forms of (convertible) cycle wear that switched from street wear to cycle wear. Kat and her team of sewing social scientists reconstruct many of the innovative solutions from the past and reflect on how these designs helped women lead active independent lives.
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