NGO CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) Forum at the UN

POP are incredibly pleased that our collaborative short film “Women On The Move” about hidden histories of inventive women’s sportswear, has not only been selected to appear at the 2024 Socially Relevant Film Festival (SRFF) but they have also chosen us, as one of two films, to represent them at the NGO CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) Forum at the UN. We have also be invited to participate remotely on a panel t the event to talk about the importance of the film’s subject.

The NGO CSW Forum at the UN is an annual forum held in New York and attended by women from all over the world annually.

SRFF partner with NGO CSW and participate in their forum with a selection of women-oriented or directed films, followed by a short panel, Q&As. The event is on March 14.

The NGO CSW are a coalition of NGOs, civil society organizations (CSOs), and individuals concerned with global gender equality and the rights and empowerment of women and girls. Through our annual NGO CSW Forum, advocacy with UN Member States, information sharing with our community, and youth engagement, we work to bridge the gap between global civil society, grassroots organizations, and the official UN Commission on the Status of Women process in New York –