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Dressing Desire
What role do clothing inventions play in shaping who and how people desire? Sexuality is political. Restrictions on people’s sexuality - who and how people desire – affect people’s freedom as particularly queer scholars have argued (Ahmed 2017, Sheller 2014, 2012;...
Beaches, Bodies & Bathing Couture: Who gets to show off what & where?
Every year come springtime, lifestyle magazines, TV programs and online features dish out advice on ‘how to get beach body ready’ in anticipation for the summer months spent lounging on the beach, frolicking in the sea or, at the very...
Policing & the Politics of Protection
As hundreds of thousands of protesters around the world have joined the rallying cry of the Black Lives Matter movement since late May, protesters in casual clothing have been regularly met by police in full riot gear. These uniforms usually...