George Kalivis


In the role of POP Design RA, George is assisting with the development of the Speculative Sewing Archive, on materials for public engagement and research workshops.

George Kalivis is an Associate Lecturer and PhD Candidate in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths, with a background in Architecture (University of Thessaly) and Gender Studies (Goldsmiths). His current research aims at queering traditional kinship figures as alternative homemaking pedagogies in the Greek LGBTQ+ diaspora via an ethnographic practice-based exploration of manuals as concept and method

His overall work and research activity expand from inventive studies to art and design practices, and within various synergies. Geroge has collaborated with scholars, artists, institutions and non-profit organisations on cultural and academic projects in Greece and the UK as a researcher, designer, director, curator, artist, educator, author and editor.

Beyond POP, and among other projects, George is currently the podcast researcher and designer for Who Do We Think We Are? (Lancaster University) and the podcast officer for Uncommon Sense (The Sociological Review). In the past, he worked as the director of Victoria Square Project in Athens (2018–2019), as well as the curator of the art exhibition “Emfylo-ποιείν: to construct the Gender” ( gallery, 2019).