Are you doing unique things with clothes?

Want to share your inventive clothing practices with us?

In addition to undertaking archive research into 200 years of clothing inventions, POP are interviewing individuals and companies inventively engaged with clothing.

POP are interviewing contemporary clothing inventors all over the world who are designing, making and hacking clothing to better fit different bodies and socio-political ideas.

Please get in touch if you are interested in showing and sharing your inventive practice and creative clothing with us!


– Do you design clothes to help people move, interact, work or play in new ways?
– Are you re-imagining clothes to make them do different things for different kinds of people and use?
– Are you creating clothing in response to specific social, cultural,  political  or environmental issues?
– Please get in contact with us if you are doing inventive things with clothing
– We would love to hear from you!
Interviews are online and take 45 to 60mins
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If you respond to any of the questions above we are very interested in speaking with you!

You do not have to think of yourself as an ‘inventor’ or have patented anything. We are interested in inventive practice – how you creatively think with and through clothing to do new things on and with different bodies.

So far, we have spoken to people who make new forms of sports clothing, adaptive clothing for different kinds of disabilities, non-binary clothing for leisure and work wear and clothes that respond to urban harassment in public space.

Individuals and companies have ranged from freshly graduated design and fashion students, small business owners and entrepreneurs and lead designers of large clothing companies.

All interviews so far have been hugely inspiring and insightful.


We are interviewing a range of different organisations and individuals around the world who are engaged in cutting-edge clothing design, development and distribution. It involves a 45-60min conversation via zoom (or similar).

It is a semi-structured interview – which means we have a guiding set of questions, but we also follow the conversation. It is not like a ‘survey’, rather we are really interested in hearing your stories, experiences and influences.

We have also been asking people to bring along a piece of clothing they can ‘show & tell’ for us. This has been really enjoyable way to learn about what motivates and inspires people.


We know interviews like this take up valuable time for busy people – but inventive individuals and companies are playing a distinct and unique role in challenging conventional expectations, expanding ways of being in the world and claiming different kinds of space.

As researchers we want to analyse, better understand and share these shifts and changes.