Dr Katalin Halász


Along with the PI, the Postdoctoral Fellows are initially working on Work Package 2 (WP2): Map across theme: qualitative analysis. They will also be central to the development of  Work Package 3 (WP3): Map across bodies – Garment reconstructions and Work Package 4 (WP4): Map across makers – Interviews with inventors.

Katalin Halász holds a PhD in Visual Sociology from Goldsmiths. She has held teaching positions at Brunel, City and Goldsmiths. Her research is on racialization, whiteness, theories of affect and bodies, gender, feminism and antiracism. She is particularly interested in experimenting with arts-based and creative methods (performance, video, installation, screen-print, costume, curation) to access the messiness of embodied experiences.

Katalin has staged a number of participatory and multimedia performances in Brazil, Bolivia, Denmark, Germany and the UK and curated the exhibitions Visualising Affect (UK, 2013) and The Future of Art is Urban – Artistic Research Practices and Methods in Social Sciences (UK, 2014).

More about her teaching and research is available at her website.