Nahuel Cano &
Julien McHardy


Nahuel & Julien McHardy are collaborating with POP to respond creatively to the POP clothing dataset. They are exploring new Data Conversations with the archive as part of the COPIM project. 

Nahuel Canu was born in Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina, in 1982. He lives and works between Buenos Aires and Amsterdam. He is an actor, theatre-maker, and sound experimenter. In his practice he researches the politics of perception and spectatorship at the entanglement of sound, space and performance. His field of artistic action is mobile, exploring the possibilities of performance, installation, sound, and theatre. www.nahuelcano.me

Julien McHardy is a designer, dramaturge, curator, researcher and para-academic. He works with theatre-makers, cultural institutions, artists, universities and commercial clients to develop narratives, strategies and processes. Beside running his own studio (https://www.julienmchardy.info/info), Julien is a senior researcher at the University of St Gallen, publishing consultant at COPIM (https://copim.pubpub.org/), editor at Mattering Press (https://www.matteringpress.org/) and on the board of ScholarLed (https://scholarled.org/).