Dr Kat Jungnickel


Kat is Primary Investigator and lead researcher. POP expands Kat’s creative STS research further into the fields of invention, gender/queer identities, citizenship and inventive methods. It directly builds on her ESRC funded research into 1890s women inventors of radical convertible cycle wear and her pioneering creative research using sewing as a sociological method. More about her experimental practice is at Bikes & Bloomers and

Kat Jungnickel is a senior lecturer in Goldsmith’s Sociology Department. For the last six years she has been teaching sociology, STS and feminist technoscience and creative and inventive practice. Her research is on invention, gender, mobilities and DiY/DiT technology cultures. She is particularly interested in how people imagine different futures through the use (and misuse) of mundane and ordinary materials, technologies and practices.

Making, experimenting and engaging are integral to Kat’s research. Her interdisciplinary approach, methods and modes of transmission include websites, blogs, time-lapse videos, printed materials, photographs, performances, installations and costume. In addition to leading POP, she co-directs the Methods Lab with Rebecca Coleman, that supports interdisciplinary collaborations and experiments with inventive ways of doing social research.

Recent publications include Transmissions: Critical tactics for making and communicating research (MIT Press 2020), Creative Practice Ethnographies (with Hjorth, Harris and Coombs, Lexington Press 2020) and Bikes and Bloomers: Victorian Women Inventors and their Extraordinary Cycle Wear (Goldsmiths Press 2018).

More about her teaching and research is available at Goldsmiths Sociology.