Film Festivals

POP is thrilled to be shortlisted to appear at international film festivals. Last year we were at Kendal Mountain Film Festival. This year we have been selected for three more events (so far). A few more are pending, so watch this space:

6th annual Worldwide Women’s Film Festival

8-10 March 2024, Arizona USA. 


11th annual Socially Relevant Film Festival

13-18 March in New York, USA 

SRFF is a nonprofit organization was founded in January 2013 by actress/filmmaker Nora Armani as a response to the proliferation of violence and violent forms of storytelling. The mission of SRFF is to promote films with socially relevant™ film content and filmmakers who tell human interest stories void of gratuitous violence. Over 700 films from 40 countries have been screened to date, bringing meaningful entertainment and social awareness to the community, and making films accessible to all by offering affordable tickets and free entry to students. SRFF strives to raise awareness of social issues in society, and through cinema promoting positive social change, peace, understanding, and a clean environment- 

WPRN International Women’s Film Festival  

17-19 May 2024, Delaware, USA. 

The trailer for “Women On The Move” plus more info about these events and other festivals we have been involved in can be found here.