Ellen Fowles
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In the role of POP RA/PM, Ellen will work closely with Kat (PI) to run the POPLab in its various virtual, physical and material forms. She will be central to events and activities and closely involved in WP2  – Work Package 2 – which qualitatively maps patents across theme, WP3 – which maps patents across bodies (this is at the major reconstruction phase) and WP4 – which maps across makers (involving interviews with contemporary inventors).

Ellen Fowles holds an MA in Fashion Design from the Royal College of Art, and is an adaptivewear Designer Researcher based in London.

She practices collaboration in inclusive design through intergenerational workshops and ethnographic studies.

Her research objective is to design and make clothing that combats reduced mobility. Ellen has been involved in healthcare research projects with Microsoft, the European Space Agency and the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, and is also an Associate Lecturer at London College of Fashion.

Ellen has co-designed and consulted with stroke rehabilitation patients, NHS staff, Paralympians, and those living with Autism, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disabilities. To offer flexibility for adaptivewear consumers, she works to provide options through functional and economic accessibility.

Her aim is to offer a dignified, more tailored aesthetic than the pyjama or ill-fitting sportswear that many are left with, and create garments that both disabled and able-bodied people can enjoy.