CONFERENCE OPEN PANEL. Kat, Katja, Ellen & Silvia gave papers on POP research (along with 20 other presenters) in POP’s Open Panel for the 4S 2021 conference in Toronto called Un/Making a Difference: The Possibilities of Extra-ordinary Acts of Mundane Resistance in Unequal and Uncertain worlds, 6-9 Oct, 2021.

WORKSHOP: The POP team collaborated with COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) to run a experimental open access data project workshop, 17 June

LECTURE : Kat gave two lectures to University of Technology of Sydney Fashion & Design students. They were titled Material Acts of Resistance: Researching, Reconstructing and re-imagining lesser known political acts of citizenship, 17 May and 25 Aug.

PUBLIC LECTURE + MASTERCLASS: POP & Methods Lab co-hosted two online events by Prof. Shahidha Bari on 24 Mar. More here.

SPECIAL ISSUE LAUNCH: Kat presented a vignette on POP she has written in a special issue of Digital Culture & Society as part of the Alternative Histories in DIY Cultures and Maker Utopias, Vol 6 (1) (edited by Cindy Kohtala, Yana Boeva & Peter Troxler). 29 April.

GUEST LECTURE. Silvia gave a lecture about her PhD for the “Redressing Crime” MA seminar (with Design, Criminology and Social Justice and Media Production students) in the School of Fashion, Faculty of Communication & Design, Ryerson University,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

SEMINAR. Kat is talking at the Collaborative Future-Making research platform at Malmö University, 4 March 2021.

SYMPOSIUM PAPER: FACE OFF: The Provocation and Power of Face Masks and Head Coverings, Manchester Fashion Institute online symposium. Kat & Katja are giving a paper: From the Plague Proboscis to Pandemic PPE: Unmasking the inventive socio-histories of face coverings [Abstract] 13 – 14 Jan 2021.

PODCAST: Unfinished Business: The fight for women’s rights, British Library exhibition, 23 Oct – 24 Feb 2021. Kat was interviewed by BL curator Polly Russell and author/presenter Jools Walker for a podcast to accompany the exhibition. Access the podcast series here.

GUEST LECTURE: MA Fashion programme, Faculty of Communication & Design, Ryerson University, Toronto Canada for Dr. Alison Matthews David (Author of Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present), 19 Nov 2020

KEYNOTE: Getting into Research: Critical makings, experimental wearings and alternate doings, RMIT DERC, Melbourne, Australia, 13 Mar 2020

Talks + events

CONFERENCE PAPER. Kat and George will be presenting a paper “Extra-ordinary Wearables: Archiving queer inventions, radical transformations and speculative sewing” at Queer Transformations: Creating and Curating Stories about Queer Transformation at the University of Southampton, UK on 11 June.

NGO CSW UN PANEL.POP’s “Women On The Move” was selected as one of two films to represent New York’s Socially Relevant Film Festival, (SRFF) at the annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women forum on 11 March.

PODCAST. Kat was invited onto the Sociological Review Foundation podcast “Uncommon Sense” to talk about the theme of “Making”. It is due to be published later this year.

SHORTLISTED FILM. POP’s “Women On The Move” has made the official shortlist of the 6th annual Worldwide Women’s Film Festival. The event is 8-10 March 2024, Arizona USA.

SHORTLISTED FILM. POP’s “Women On The Move” has made the official shortlist of the 11th annual Socially Relevant Film Festival, (SRFF), in New York, 13-18 March.

FILM SHOWING + Q&A. We are incredibly pleased to announce that POP’s “Women on The Move” film has be selected as one of two films to represent the 2024 SRFF program at the NGO CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) Forum at the UN, remotely, as part of their annual Forum which is attended by women from all over the world annually. SRFF partner with NGO CSW and participate in their forum with a selection of women-oriented or directed films, followed by a short panel, Q&As. The event is on March 14.

SHORTLISTED FILM. “Women On The Move” has made the official shortlist of the WPRN International Women’s Film Festival. We have also been selected as a potential award winner. So, we are looking forward to hearing more news. The event is in Delaware, USA, 17-19 May 2024, 

RESIDENCY. Kat has been invited to Basel for a 3 week residency at the Atelier Mondial by the University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Basel, Switzerland. 6-24 May.

KEYNOTE. Kat has been invited to give a keynote and workshop at the 2024 Swedish STS annual conference with the theme ” Transmissions, Mediations, Interferences”, organised by Linköping University, and held in Norrköping Sweden. 2-4 Oct.


CONFERENCE PAPER. Kat is presenting a paper at the CSAA –  Cultural Studies Association – Australia conference in Adelaide called Multiple, Convertible & Reversible: Hidden histories, acts of resistance and alternate sites of innovation stitched into C19th aviatrix patented costumes, 4-9 Dec.

PERFORMANCE. POP’s collaborations with feminist theatre company Scary Little Girls and Naomi Paxton continues with another performance of POCKETS of POWER! at the 2023 Mayven Festival, Cornwall, 23-26, Nov.

SHORTLISTED FILM & INDUSTRY PANEL. POP’s collaboration with The Adventure Syndicate and Mór Diversity continues with a showing of our short film ‘Women On The Move‘ and an industry panel about the histories and futures of women’s sport and activewear at the 2023 Kendall Mountain Film Festival, 16-19 Nov.

PERFORMANCE. POP’s collaborations with feminist theatre company Scary Little Girls and Naomi Paxton continues with another performance of POCKETS of POWER! at the 2023 Being Human Festival, Soho, London 15 Nov.

CONFERENCE PAPER. Kat presented a paper called “Beyond the Patent Office: How historic clothing inventions put social relations “to the test” in the Swiss STS conference on “Science, Expertise and other Modes of Knowledge, Basel, 31 Aug-1 Sept.

PERFORMANCES. POP research on the history of women’s pocket inventions was performed at Glastonbury Festival 2023. Over 50 individual garments from patents were reconstructed by the team and this collection and the many stories behind them has been produced into a 20 min show by feminist theatre company Scary Little Girls. It was performed five times – four daytime family shows and an evening cabaret. See here for more, , 21-26 June

SYMPOSIUM: Kat is an invited speaker for “Patent documents as sources and data: quantitative and qualitative methodologies”, at the Laboratory for the history of science and technology, Swiss Institute of Technology of Lausanne, Switzerland, 28-30 June

CONFERENCE PAPER. Kat presented a paper about history of women’s aviation clothing technology and patents for the Nordic STS Conference on Disruption and Repair at the University of Oslo, Norway, 7-9 June.

BBC INTERVIEW: Kat was invited to participate in a BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed special on “Fashion Re-imagined”, in tandem with with Prof Angela McRobbie, May 30.

CONFERENCE PAPER. Silvia has been selected to present her research at PASSIM’s Patent Futures: A History in Mundaneum, Mons, Belgium, 26-28 April,

SEMINAR SPEAKER: Kat has been invited to participate in the Creative Enquiry Forum in the School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield, 5 May.

PODCAST. Kat was interviewed on a Garmology podcast about histories of clothing inventions and what they tell us about society today, 4 May.

INDUSTRY NEWSLETTER. Dashing Tweeds, London and Scottish tweed makers, invited Kat to be “Woman of the Month” on their popular newsletter and blog, 17 May.

WORKSHOP. POP is showcasing the digital publication collaboration “Performing Patents Differently” with COPIM at Varia, Rotterdam  15 April.

FILM & PRESS LAUNCH. POP, along with collaborators from The Adventure Syndicate and Mór Diversity launched the short film “Women On The Move” at Curzon Bloomsbury, London, on 3rd March.  It featured short talks, 24min film + afterword, Q&A and costume demonstrations. More about the event here and more about press coverage here,  8 March.


CONFERENCE PAPER. Kat gave two papers at the Cultural Studies Association – Australia conference in Melbourne 1-3 Dec. The first paper was called Sewing across time: Time-travelling dialogues across 200 years of clothing patents and the other presented with Prof. Larrisa Hjorth was called The Failurists: How can we be more faithful to failure in research?

TALK. On November 30, Silvia was invited by the London College of Fashion, to give an online public talk on Shoplifting as Feminist Practice. The event was part of the No Loose Strands programme and part of Style Histories, a series of public talks hosted by the Department for Cultural and Historical Studies at LCF. It set out to amplify contemporary and historic fashion narratives from local and global geographies, and give voice to everyday styles and practices that disrupt, de-centre and challenge Eurocentric fashion histories. More about it here.

COLLABORATION. Kat joined Julien McHardy and Nahuel Cano in Utrecht, 11-13 October, to collaborate on the POP +COPIM project exploring the sounds of the archive. Along with voce artist Margo van de Linder and sewer Emma Hoette, we translated one of the patents from the POP archive into a sewing pattern and then into a musical experimental score. The collaboration was filmed and will be available early next year. More about the collaboration here.

READING + CONVERSATION. On October 13, Silvia was invited by the Shanzhai Lyric, to participate to the ‘Poetics of Theft’ event at New York’s Amant Foundation. She read a text titled ‘Shoplifter in the Machine’, which was printed alongside a poem by the Shanzhai Lyric, and distributed as a zine to the attendees. This was followed by a conversation on the themes that both texts explored. The event was organized in the framework of ‘SIREN (some poetics)’, a group exhibition “devoted to technologies of myth and mouth, earth and alarm, gender and language”.

CONFERENCE PAPER. Julien McHardy (COPIM) and Kat gave a paper at  EASST -European Association for the Social Studies of Technology in Madrid, 6-9 July. It was called ‘Data Conversations: Performing digitisation differently’ and discusses the collaboration between COPM+POP to creatively make the clothing patent data open access. More about the collaboration here.

KEYNOTE. Kat was invited to give a keynote at the 2022 Summer School Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities in Glasgow on 24 June. It was called: “How to Change the World Stitch by Stitch: Inventive clothing, speculative sewing and experiments in the archive”.

LECTURE + WORKSHOPS. Kat and Ellen were invited by ETHOS  – a critical feminist STS lab –  to travel to Copenhagen in July. Kat gave a lecture ‘Material Acts of Resistance: Researching, reconstructing, and re-imagining socio-political clothing stories‘ for the TiP – Technologies in Practice research group at the IT University of Copenhagen, 14 June. Kat ran a workshop on her Transmissions work. Then Kat & Ellen ran a workshop on the POP project on 15th June.

PANELIST. Kat was a panelist at a Practice Research in Social Design Symposium, run by the Social Design Institute at UAL. The event is held online and at Chelsea College of Arts, London, 19-20 May.

WORKSHOP. Katja & Kat gave a paper about clothing inventions to protect people from insects at the PASSIM event “Patents in the Service of War and Peace” in Norrköping, Sweden, 16–18 May. Our paper was called “The Enemy Has Many Faces: Insects, invasion and invention in war and peace”. More about it here and here.

TALK. On April 2, Silvia was invited by The Feminist Library in London, to give a talk on ‘The Shoplifters Clothes’. The event was part of the No Loose Strands programme. More about it here.


TALK and workshop participant: Intellectual Property for the Un-Disciplined, PASSIM, Linköping University, Sweden, 10-13 Sept.

CONFERENCE PAPER: Politics of Past Patents: Researching “haunted” “acts of citizenship” from 1820 to 2020, 4S – Society for the Social Studies of Science Annual Conference, New Orleans, USA, 3-7 Sept.

KEYNOTE: What can we learn from (dead) inventors? Re-imagining the past. Making the present. Designing the future. Aalto University, Design School, Helsinki, Finland, 28 Aug.

TALK and workshop participant: Interviewing the Interviewer: Understanding past inventive practice, Contested Histories, German Historical Institute and Goethe-InstituteLondon, 3-4 July

TALK and workshop participant: Creative Arts & Design Impact Network Workshop, RMIT Europe, Barcelona, Spain 13-15 June.

WORKSHOP LEAD and seminar participant: The Unfinished Pocket – Experimental sewing, The Unfinished in Architecture, Design  & Planning, Open University, London, 6 June.

SEMINAR: Politics of Patents: Researching Making and Wearing Clothing Inventions, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK. 12 Feb.